Integration with SmarterMail Trusted Senders
Question asked by Lyle Hancock - 5/18/2015 at 11:27 PM
My company recently implemented the latest version of SmarterMail. We have a capable application that we've been using for years that checks e-mails for spoofing, CIDR listings, RBL, phrase detection, trusted senders, etc... that does an exceptional job at eliminating spam.

We have it integrated with SmarterMail such that it is a front line gate before SmarterMail processes incoming e-mails. In this way, we have the best of both worlds - our e-mail pre-filtering and SmarterMail filtering working very nicely.

There's one area of integration that we need to complete. Our "front end" spam filtering system supports a "trusted senders" list, as does SmarterMail but the two don't yet synchronize. Can anyone provide me insight as to where SmarterMail stores its trusted senders list so that we can synchronize the two lists? As it stands now, we have to add a trusted sender to both products to ensure the sender is actually "trusted." It would be nice if we could add the sender once and share the list between both applications.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Lyle, trusted senders can be set on a per user basis or per domain.  If there are trusted senders specified, there is a "WhiteList" entry in the userConfig.xml and/or the domainConfig.xml files.  Each trusted sender has an "entry" node.
Lyle Hancock Replied
Thank you very much for pointing us in the right direction, Robert.

My thinking is that we'll read the SmarterMail XML files and import them into our pre-filter then manage the trusted senders/ whitelists in SmarterMail as ideally we want SmarterMail to be the datasource of record.

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