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Question asked by Mark Thrasher - 5/18/2015 at 10:32 AM
I am new to Smartermail.... I will say it is a wonderful program!  Just trying to navigate around it.... much different than the "cheap" email server software we had for years!!  I there a way to see the inbox "count"  for users on the systems?  I am trying to get people to download to there computers (most are using outlook) to free up space on the server. Just want to see how many emails are sitting in their boxes and wee when they last checked it. Thanks!

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Mark, there is not a way to determine the number of messages a user has.  However, if you are logged in as a system admin, you can go to Reports | System Summary Reports | Traffic Reports | Disk Usage.  This report breaks down the disk space usage by domain, by user, and by user folders.  Hopefully this helps.
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