SMTP Blocking - XML file ?
Question asked by Nicolas Le Merle - 5/13/2015 at 12:04 PM
Hey Guys,
Does anyone know where I can find the file which stores all of the SMTP blocking data ? I would like to write a Powershell script to automatically update that list based on an array of data. I just cant seem to find the file :| I did a text search on the entire SM directory using NotePad++ but kept getting an error to say files to large to open! 

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Nicolas Le Merle Replied
Ah found it! Its in the 'mailConfig.xml' file making it slightly harder to edit :(
Next question (proposed idea?) - Can we have a separate 'SMTP_BlockList.xml' file so we can add data to that ourselves via 3rd party applications ? I believe this could greatly help against spam combat ?

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