Change message for mailbox size limit exceeded
Idea shared by RickS - 5/13/2015 at 7:22 AM
A couple of questions regarding the experience for users when their mailbox disk quota has been exceeded.
1. Can the SmarterMail default message "The size limit of x for mailbox 'youremailaddress' has been exceeded. Incoming mail to that mailbox is currently being rejected" be changed by a system admin? We'd like to be able to provide more details in the message that the user can follow to resolve the issue. If it can be changed, where would we find it? It doesn't appear to be listed under Events.
2. Can the setting be changed by a system admin so that, even if the user exceeds their storage limit, mail won't be rejected, and we'll deal with the overuse by creating a notification to our admins to work with the user to resolve the storage issue?
Many thanks.

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We're looking to do this as well.  Any suggestions?
You may be able to change this in the localization strings XML file (not sure just throwing it out there)
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RickS, I have added both of your items to our features request list for further consideration by the dev. team.  I'm changing this thread to Idea to facilitate development tracking.
I would like this - it would be great to be able select from a series of actions when a mailbox reaches its size limit.
From memory Exchange allows you to set an extra x number of megabytes over the limit before email is rejected. You can set the number allowed over. 
If you are running SmarterMail 14.X, you can already change the MAX MAILBOX SIZE message via the SYSTEM MESSAGES screen under the SmarterMail ADMIN account settings:
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On a related note, can I change the SMTP response code from a 4xx temporary failure, to a 5xx permanent failure when mailboxes are full? I can't find an option for this
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Hi Scott. This isn't possible, as a full mailbox would be considered a soft bounce which should return a 4xx error.

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