Backup and migration to new server/datacentre
Question asked by Mike Saunders - 5/11/2015 at 12:17 PM
Im migrating to a new server/datacentre, I have approx 250GB of users data in the domains folder so backing this up takes quite a while and just wanted to get some ideas on best way to do this.
here is what i have done so far, I have new server setup and latest smartermail installed along with SSL certificate etc, I have put it on the same hostname and i am able to access it from one of my pc's by adding its IP in the HOSTS file. TTL of the server name is 15 mins so when i come to change the ip addresses there will be minimal disruption and done at night.
the problem is backing up and moving the backup file, we have a 100mb leased line where our old/current server is but to move 200+gb over that will take a while.
this is my thought...
  1. Do a full backup (hopefully server can remain online when this is done as it takes a few hours?)
  2. transfer large backup file while old server is still online
  3. close mail services off on current server and do differential backup (smaller probably 2gb so only take 10 mins to transfer)
  4. restore folders/files on new server and start mail services
  5. change ip address for mail server hostname
thats my thinking.... would that work?
thanks for your support

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Good day Mike,
Thanks for the inquiry. There may be other ways to accomplish this task but it sounds like that you have a good plan on the process. We do suggest to use the RoboCopy process on moving large amounts of data between the systems.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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