SmarterMail Action Functions Do Not Work On IPad
Problem reported by Albert Frausto - 5/8/2015 at 3:10 PM
I'm experiencing difficulty marking multiple items as Spam or Deleting them using the menu functions whil on an iPad. Has anyone else experienced this.
iPad Air / Safari
SmarterMail Version 13.3.5535

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Brian Ellwood Replied
Confirmed... iPad Mini, Safari
Brian Davidson Replied
Same here. In fact iPad functionality remains frustrating limited
Scot Desort Replied
Any update on a fix for for this? I have confirmed that multi-item delete does not work on IPAD.
IPhone appears to be OK. This is using the destop/tablet mode of SM.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
I have been able to replicate the issue on iPad, iPhone, and Surface Pro.  However, on the iOS devices if you click on the left-hand side of the button, they work.  This workaround does not seem to work on the Surface Pro.  Regardless, I have added this to our bugs list.
EDIT: The workaround works in Chrome on iOS; Safari does not work.

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