Is it possible to enable relay only for some domains?
Question asked by Ale - 5/8/2015 at 8:30 AM
Hello, I'm running Smartermail 13.x, with relay option set to nobody for security reasons. This forces me to setup a relay server (postfix) to give some of my clients (those who accept to pay for that) the ability to send emails from their promises.
Is it possible to enable relay on SM on a per-domain basis?

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Steve Reid Replied
If a user properly authenticates with your server, they should be able to relay.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Steve's reply is correct.  There is no reason to bypass SMTP authentication.
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Ale Replied
Thank for your reply Steve, but probably I didn't make myself clear.
What I want to achieve is to enable relay ONLY for specific domains. The options in relay settings are server-wide and limited to: nobody - only local domains - only local users - anyone.
To make it simple, I'd like to have another option: THESE DOMAINS...
Steve Reid Replied
That setting should never be changed from "nobody", only authenticated connections can relay.
Brian Ellwood Replied
Instead of selling your customers on postfix being easy for relay, sell them on mail accounts that are super secure (apply snake oil as needed)
We recently took on the mail domain for a DSL company that allowed its 5000+ customers to mail unauthenticated so long as the IP space was within the DSL range.
That was a nightmare and we forced everyone to authentication and "sold them" (at no real cost) on the extra security and additional features within Smartermail.
It cleared up 99% of the spamming and blacklisting issues and many thanked us for making it easy for them to easily self-help to change their settings using our KB.
This also included secure password changes that were just outright horrendous.
Ale Replied
Ok, that's exactly what I want to do, but I want to charge my customers for relaying, as they'd use more resources. And, as not all of them are minded to pay for that, because maybe the use a relay server from their ISP, I want to selectively enable relaying for those customers who really need it and want to pay for that.

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