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Question asked by WebHouse, Inc. - 11/20/2014 at 3:31 PM
After 8 years of using Smartermail our new incoming President has requested we look at options for moving off smartermail. Our legacy clients can mostly stay on the old smartermail server and we won't do upgrades but we have grown fast and are looking at expanding even further. the days of losing an email here and there and disappearing appointments have come to an end. Can anyone suggest a good exchange based/activesync hosted solution?

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Chris Daley Replied
Microsoft's Exchange Online 'cloud' service is usually the cheapest these days, the pricing is very anti-competitive when you look at how much they charge service providers under SPLA..
Henry Timmes Replied
Looking for options, don't always means it's time to move on. It's always good to explore the options available to you. 
You might find that in your analysis, the cost for a different platform can be much greater then your current implementation. 
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Merle Wait Replied
We use several different email servers.  I guess the question would be, why does your Prez want to move off of SmarterMail??  What is his reason and what is he trying to attain?  From there.. other alternatives could be examined.   But as with the post from H. Timmes.. the cost for other platforms could be much more.. and still not obtain the objective of your Prez.
Reason I am rambling is:   We have 3 type of email severs running... they all have their plus / minuses... It depends on what you were looking for.

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