RSP: 550 Too many invalid recipients
Question asked by Antoin Currie - 11/20/2014 at 7:25 AM
Hello there,
My company sends out invitation emails to courses and the distribution lists are created by the client that they are sent out to.
However, the client compiles the list of recipients a little too early in advance and some of the recipients leave the company, change their names and sometimes they just plain input the addresses wrongly.
Anyway, I keep getting RSP: 550 too many invalid recipients
You would say, that's what's meant to happen, ok, is this my server saying this or is it a response from the recipient's server telling me to stop sending them junk?
I need to know because the client is blaming us for the problem.
The client does not have the capacity to clean up their distribution lists, is there a way for us or them to just bypass the errors and continue sending/receiving the mail anyway?
Also, is it true that if there are so many invalid recipients that it will stop receiving mail from the sender all together temporarily?
many thanks!

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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It's, more than likely, the recipient's server denying your messages.
Make certain all bounding e-mail addresses are promptly removed, make certain every outgoing e-mail has complete contact information for your customer, make certain there is a UNSUBSCRIBE link in every e-mail, and see my document at "Why Am I Having Problems Getting My E-Mail Delivered?" to resolve this.
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Antoin Currie Replied
thanks for the info Bruce, yes it definitely looks like they are blocking us as spam.

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