Weird Spool Issue
Question asked by Joshua Parker - 11/18/2014 at 11:31 AM
I noticed today 11/18 that there are several message in the que with next attempt of 11/12 or 11/13.  All of these messages have a - under attempts.  It appears they have all been in the que for days but have never attempted to be sent?  Running SM 12.2

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Scarab Replied
I've seen this happen when the receipt of the email gets interrupted or terminated prematurely to where you have the .hdr file for the message but no corresponding .eml file for the message (I believe this can also happen if your Anti-Virus has to delete the .eml when it can't remove the infection). Smartermail cannot attempt to deliver the message if no message exists, resulting in the item sitting in your queue. In such cases of orphaned .hdr files (or in the inverse of orphaned .eml files) you would just delete the items from your \Smartermail\Spool\SubSpool# directory.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hi Joshua,
There was an issue in an early release of SmarterMail 12 with messages stuck in the spool.  Can you please uninstall your current version, and then install the latest version of SmarterMail 12?
Joshua Parker Replied
Thanks for the quick response. I have only ever seen this happen when someone sends out messages in bulk so that makes sense. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't a larger issue at hand.
Rishikesh Somshetti Replied
Hi, Rod, We are experiencing spool issues from past 6 months. Mails get populated in the spool and mail delivery halts completely. Tried few hit and trial methods to restore smooth mail flow 1) changing smtp out delivery threads value 2) restarting spool and smtp services from web interface. 3) added spool directory to anti virus exclusion list. Mails delivery restore back to normal after repeating step 1 and 2 several times. we are using Smarter Mail 10.7 unlimited licensed version. Please advice..
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Hello Rod, In the SM 14.x have the same issue. Did you can confirm if in the next release have the correction? Or If need more details to resolve that?

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