The *Little* Things
Idea shared by John Marx - 11/17/2014 at 6:08 AM
Although I am writing this as a SmarterMail thread I think everyone would agree that it would be great if it applied to all of the SmarterTools products. We have had some great releases with much needed functionality. I propose that rather than another great fix that every aspect of every system be looked at. As an example, I have four areas I am showing but this is no where near exhaustive or complete.
  1. Login Screen
    1. Two factor authentication
    2. Option to force SSL for a given domain without requiring a lot of effort from the admin to make it so.
  2. Spam Filtering
    1. Incorporation of Message Sniffer and other products
    2. Email address validation
  3. Mail Interface
    1. Enhance the system to allow dragging and dropping of folders.
    2. Allow Ctrl+___ key combinations within the interface
    3. Grouping by Name, Subject, Date, etc.
    4. Improved search
    5. Allow users to restore from their archive (if archiving is enabled for them)
  4. Reports
    1. Users last login
    2. Password audits

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+1 for items 1 and 2 because the impact security. 3 & 4 are nice ideas also. Nice!

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