how to update smartermail?
Question asked by Ivy Alfaro - 11/11/2014 at 9:50 PM
I am currently using version 10.7 and i can not paste images directly to the body of an email, which is very important for me. 
How can I update Smartermail to a version 12.7 or higher? 

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Steve Reid Replied
I would uninstall, reboot, install new version.
Employee Replied
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Hi Ivy,  
We have a knowledge base article with the steps you need to do a major upgrade.  You will find the article in our knowledge base here, Major Upgrade.  Be sure you uninstall the current version and do not install over it, as that can cause problems with SmarterMail's performance.
Ivy Alfaro Replied
I tried that and actually installed the 13 version but then couldn't acces my mail account from there.. I have no clue how to link my domain
Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Ivy,

Where did you install version 13.x? Did you follow the steps in the linked article? When doing a major upgrade you need to stop the SmarterMail service and uninstall the previous version first; your mail data would not be deleted.

If you're not sure what the steps in the linked article are referring to, it might be that you're receiving SmarterMail as a hosted service and don't actually manage the installation. An upgrade can only be done by someone who has access to the server SmarterMail is installed on.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Joe Wolf Replied
Assuming you have purchased upgrade services then I would wait for the next minor release of 13.x. It's great, but there are a few minor problems.

First upgrade to the latest 11.x. It's stable.


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