SmarterTrack 10.4.5423 i can setup my own
Question asked by tugce turan - 11/7/2014 at 9:07 PM
Smarter Track 10.4.5423 i can setup my own

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Hello Tugce,
You posted this as a Problem; however, I believe you are looking for instruction on setting up SmarterTrack, so I went ahead and changed this to a Question instead. 
We offer both a hosted solution for SmarterTrack and one that you install on your own Windows server. I believe you've purchased a SmarterTrack license so you'll want to install SmarterTrack on your own Windows server. Here are the SmarterTrack System Requirements. You'll want to be sure that everything listed here is available on the server. Once you've ensured the proper system requirements are in place you can begin your installation. Here are some links that will help you out with that:
  • Installing SmarterTrack on a Dedicated Server - This is a Knowledge Base article giving you step-by-step instructions on how to install SmarterTrack on a dedicated server. 
  • Getting Started with SmarterTrack 10 - This is a video walkthrough going over the initial setup wizard. This will be used after you have installed SmarterTrack on your server. Alternatively, you can find further information about the setup wizard here: Getting Started.
  • Configuring SmarterTrack 10 - This is a video walkthrough going over the initial configuration of SmarterTrack. It covers things like setting up your first department and groups, configuring SMTP and more. 
  • SmarterTrack Knowledge Base - The Knowledge Base is a great resource for step-by-step instructions on configuring SmarterTrack. I'd recommend looking through the list of articles for SmarterTrack and using these to help with your configuration. If you have specific questions on how to configure something and can't find a KB article to help out, go ahead and post here, in the Community, or contact our sales team directly. 
  • SmarterTrack Help - While the Knowledge Base is great for step-by-step instructions, the Help is used for explaining the concepts of features and functions within SmarterTrack. Rather than giving you step-by-step instructions, the Help will explain what the settings are asking for and how that feature can be used. For getting started, I highly recommend taking a look at the Concepts and Getting Started folders. These will help you understand how SmarterTrack can be setup to better your business. 
I hope this helps you out! As I mentioned above, if you have specific questions on how to setup a feature in SmarterTrack or where to find a setting, please search/post in the Community or contact our sales team directly. They can be reached by emailing sales@smartertools.com, starting a live chat using the chat button to the left or calling 877-357-6278. 

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