Manual Commands returning bad information
Problem reported by Justin P - 11/5/2014 at 9:34 AM
I have a client that is using a propitiatory email client, in diagnosing what the problem is, I tried to recreate the error with manual commands through telnet on our Smartermail 12.0 server. Logging in and getting connected to a user account is not a problem. the issue starts when attempting to run LIST commands to get all of a user's subfolders. the LIST command returns incorrect information.
For example, I type in 
LIST "" "%"
And I get a proper list of all the subfolders in the root of the account:
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Deleted Items"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Junk E-Mail"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Sent Items"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Drafts"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Notes"
But If I want to get a list of subfolders in the Deleted Items folder with this command:
LIST "" "Deleted Items/%"
I get this output which is not what I expect to happen
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox/BAD EMAILS"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/Important"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/Invoices"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/LOCAL MARKETING"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/Server Reports"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox/India"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/Misc Emails"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox/Rate Me"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox/ResB"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/Admin"
* LIST (\Marked) "/" "Inbox/Indeed Apps"
* LIST (\Unmarked) "/" "Inbox/PowerPanel"
Is there a particular way to frame that query? Now in this case there are no subfolders in Deleted Items, so I would expect the query to return nothing. If I chose a different subfolder, it still includes all the Inbox subfolders.
Is there anything to be done? Are there different commands to use?

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Justin P Replied
No information then... I guess I'll have to make a ticket.

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