Incorrect DKIM hash for HTML messages - "body hash did not verify" in gmail.com
Problem reported by Webio - 10/31/2014 at 3:49 AM
I'm using latest SmarterMail (12.5.5409) and after enabling DKIM for domain it looks like something is wrong with message hash. When I'm sending email to my private account at gmail.com I see in source/header "body hash did not verify". TXT DNS entry has been added to DNS zone and verified as correct by Test DNS DKIM tool from SM domain administrator section. Does someone else is experiencing this issue? I've found some entries abour this on old forum but they where related to SM 10.x so I hoped  that this has been resolved.
EDIT: I have also confirmation that hash for emails with plain text is being generated correctly.

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Webio Replied
So .. after update to 13.x I'm still getting "body hash did not verify" from gmail for DKIM verification. Issue is related only to HTML body type of message. When message is being sent as clear text gmail shows "dkim=pass" in headers.
Chris Fernandes Replied
Can someone from Smartermail please answer this.

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