Smartermail user search function not working SME 11.7
Problem reported by Brian Raboin - 10/29/2014 at 7:27 PM
So I have a specific user on a server that is not able to search. You can put information in the search box that is obviously there and you get a reply "No Items to show in the list". 
We have tried the following to get this resolved : 
1. We re-indexed the users per the following guide , This had no effect 
2. We reloaded the domain folder and restarted Smartermail (also has had no effect)
3. We removed all the configuration files for that user and restarted smartermail. This started the search function to work again. However, after about an hour it stops working again. 
4. Seeing that removing the configuration files and restarting the service temporarily fixed it we moved this domain to a different server on the same version. Performing step 3 yielded the same results.
So we have ruled out the server. And its only this user that continue to have the issue. The other users on the server can search with no issues. 

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Joe Wolf Replied
I don't have an answer, but make sure you're using the latest release for 11.x.

Thanks, -Joe
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Brian,
I wanted to follow up with you to confirm that during our testing of SmarterMail 12.5x with the email account you provided we were not able to replicate the issue. I have tested this as well on the SmarterMail 11.7x and have not come across any known issues. Please keep us updated if you observe any other difficulties.

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