SmarterTrack v 10.0.5182 - Remove Management Interface from footer
Question asked by Daniel Sproul - March 11, 2014 at 8:17 AM
Previously this was not here, and we do not want clients trying to log into the management interface.  How do we remove the Management Interface from the footer of Smartertrack.  I want to keep it how it appears only after you log in, in the upper right login bars for the agents, but not for every client to see.

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Hi Daniel,
You can hide the Management Interface button using the Custom CSS feature. Navigate to your Brand's settings page, select the Custom CSS tab, and add the following line exactly as it is written:
footer .col-md-2 .btn{ display: none; }
That worked perfectly!  Thank You!
I still do not see an option in this latest update for us to edit to full footer to allow us to add our company information that I thought was going to be also included in this latest release.
Is there a list of these custom css codes? For example, to remove / edit certain things on a brand portal?

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