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Question asked by Brad Hall - 10/28/2014 at 2:49 PM
I have a question regarding Aliases & Content Filtering using SM 12.x. Professional
I create an Alias (ex: alias1@mycompany.com) that forwards to a gmail account (email1@gmail.com).
I then create a Domain Content Filter with a rule that says "Anything sent to alias1@mycompany.com with an attachment over 1MB should be REROUTEd to another email address (bigfile@mycompany.com)."
When I test the above scenario, I would expect that any email sent to alias1@mycompany.com with a 1.2 MB file would only go to 'bigfile@mycompany.com'. 
What actually happens is that I get an email at both endpoints (email1@gmail.com & bigfile@mycompany.com).
My question:
Is there anyway of using Content Filtering to essentially override what is in the Smartermail alias functionality?
Thanks for the help in advance

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Joe Wolf Replied
No, I don't think you can change the order of operations when using an alias.  If you converted the alias to a user you could probably create content filters that would accomplish what you desire.
Employee Replied
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Brad, content filtering does not currently work on aliases in the fashion you stated.  As Joe stated, change the alias to a user account and add content filters to that account to accomplish the forwarding depending on the message size.

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