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Problem reported by Łukasz Pijewski - 10/28/2014 at 2:10 AM
We have Smartertrack Enterprise 8.6 and we have a problem with incoming e-mail to smartertrack.
I send 5 e-mail to smartertrack and i have only 3 new ticket in queue. 2 e-mail disappear. In log i have information that smartertrack download 5 e-mail but i queue are only 3.
Maby do you know what is happend with this 2 e-mail? Is there something to set? Some limit? Spam limit?

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This is a feature built into SmarterTrack to prevent someone from spamming SmarterTrack. SmarterTrack will only accept 3 emails from the same email address with in 30 minutes. It does not matter if they are to different department it look system wide. You can disable this feature by login as the system admin and go to Settings | System Settings | Ticket and uncheck the "Enable duplicate address check when importing tickets" (note wording may be slight different on version 8 this wording is from version 10).
Łukasz Pijewski Replied
Thanks. Now everything works fine.

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