Catch-all address shows outgoing messages?
Question asked by Brian Meissen - 10/27/2014 at 5:58 PM
Hey guys,
Was reviewing the Reporting tab in SmarterMail Professional 5.5 and I see under Domain Summary Reports --> Traffic Reports --> Message Traffic that my catch-all e-mail address is sending 300+ e-mails per day?
What does this mean? Is it simply because I'm sending e-mail using an alias that doesn't exist? Is there any way to get better logging on these e-mails? I just want to make sure that the catch-all e-mail address isn't sending spam.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
5.5 is 7 versions behind the current version of 12.5. You should consider upgrading to take advantage of the significant security improvements and speed brought about in recent versions. Remember, only the current, and two previous versions are supported.
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Brian Meissen Replied
That's great and all, but I can't justify spending $200+ every time a major version comes out just because I have two individual e-mail addresses on two different domains.

Does this mean I cannot get an answer on basic SmarterMail functionality just because it's 7 versions behind?
Steve Reid Replied
Nobody remembers version 5...

Check your actual logs for more info.

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