Mobile Interface Must Be Logged In Each Time You Access Mail
Idea shared by Craig Severance - October 23, 2014 at 9:52 PM
In order to access your mail you must completely login each time. There is no session cookie that allows you to stay logged in if you close the interface. Also you have to completely navigate through home screen then select if you want mail or calendar or some other module and then if you want mail you have to select the inbox each time. In the non mobile version it takes you right to your inbox each time so the mobile version should have this option also. 

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Craig,
As these are feature requests I went ahead and changed this thread to a Proposed Idea. As other users continue to vote up these suggestions it'll bring it to the attention of our developers. 
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Better yet - setup your phone or mobile device to actually sync with email on the server instead of trying to use the webmail portal ... your phone will actually constantly keep you apprised of messages that way

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