Group spool messages by Sender and order by grouped mails number
Idea shared by Webio - October 23, 2014 at 3:25 AM
Under Consideration
can SmarterMail devs consider adding some more filtering options to Spool page? Currently I'm proposing possibility of grouping messages by Sender (maybe by Status too?) and possibility to order spool messages by grouped number but I'm sure there are other suggestions that could be added to spool page which currently does not have too many filtering options.

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This can already be done in SmarterMail 12.4 by clicking on the column header.    Every column shown can be sorted
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Robert Emmett Replied
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Webio, thank you for your suggestion.  I have added this idea to our features request list for further consideration by our devs.  We will be discussing this and other spool management features (like viewing the message's HDR file) that can be added in a future release.
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