What does the 'Featured on Portal' option do in KB articles
Question asked by Craig Parsons - 3/5/2014 at 3:29 AM
When writing a KB article there is an option i have not seen before 'Featured on Portal'. What does this do?

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Hello Craig,
         'Featured on Portal' makes it show up on the 'pre-results' for KB's when you first go to the Knowledge Base section before any search is done.
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To expand upon this... By default, KB folders will list the three most popular articles under them on the Knowledge Base's homepage. If an article is marked 'Featured on Portal' then it will take the place of one of those top three articles. If more than three are marked then more than three articles will be listed. If there is only one to three articles under the folder then the featured flag will not affect much, maybe sort order, since those three would have been listed anyways.

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