Slow SMTP Transaction time
Question asked by rwild37 - 10/15/2014 at 9:10 AM
I had an issue of some mail not being delivered to clients inboxes. After looking at the SMTP logs I realized some of the servers were connecting and the connection would time out before mail was sent so I ran mxtoolbox test and it comes up with SMTP slow transaction time of 15 to 17 seconds but sometimes i have good connection time of 2 to 3 seconds. Can someone help me with this issue.

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Joe Wolf Replied
Your server may be on a slow connection or be running at high load levels.

Use a tool like https://cloudmonitor.ca.com/en/ping.php to see if you have high ping times from various places.

You should be able to see if the server is under high loads by looking at the Task Manager.

Thanks, -Joe
rwild37 Replied
Thanks for the reply.

I have 5up and 60down servrice with server 08 and 8gig mem with intel quad core and SM 12x has only about 30 users and two domains this is dedicated for work only.

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