SPAM Feature Updates
Idea shared by John Marx - 10/13/2014 at 1:19 PM
I want to propose the following changes to SPAM which I know is a top topic on everyone's minds. I know others will be able to greatly add more items. These are the items I see as quick items that are missing. 
  1. Right now if you're on a message you have to click Actions, Mark and then Spam if the message is spam, Can we get o the preview window an option that just says "Spam" and have it achieve the same result?
    1. What would be even a nice addition to this would be to press Ctrl+___ for commands or a single letter. I know Outlook.com has this type of functionality so am certain we can add it to SmarterMail.
  2. Abuse prevention
    1. Block IP's until an admin removes the block for sending XX emails in XX minutes
    2. Block IP's until an admin removes the block for sending XX invalid commands
  3. Blacklist content filtering - Although the headers are being spoofed the messages themselves are identical and still getting through. Being that these spam messages continue to get through because the headers are different why not change things up and base off the message itself.
  4. Lockout accounts for XX minutes after XX failed attempts
  5. Password complexity requirements to be increased
  6. If we have a server setup as a backup MX make the information for spam/virus filtering flow from the primary to the backup MX server(s)
  7. Like SmarterStats analyzing a site and proposing changes have the same type of functionality to give recommendations for locking down our domains.
  8. Reports
    1. On all of the new items where a site admin should be notified have a report that can be emailed daily of activities so that they are aware.
    2. Notify the site admin if there domain is not in compliance (e.g. DNS doesn't match, SPF doesn't match, open relay, etc.)

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