writing area is missing in Smarter Mail 12.3
Problem reported by Irwan Hikmah Bayu Permadi - 10/6/2014 at 8:19 PM
Hi Support, 
I've faced some problems. In my domain mail.mine.com i've got my text area to write a message, but in my client's domain, mail.client.com, he/she cannot get the text area to write message. In my side all browser is fine but in her side its all browsers is not. 

I try in my android browser that connected in same network with my PC, its missing too. I use google chrome and default browser ondroid.
Here I attach a screenshot of the missing area in my android phone.
android browser screenshot
Thank for your support
Bayu Permadi

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Bruce Barnes Replied
First: try clearing your browser caches. That step frequently resolves formatting issues. Then, even if clearing the browser's cache works, upgrade to the latest version of SmarterMail, as this also contains important fixes for browser issues.
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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Also, if you could post the device specifics that your seeing this behavior on we may be able to test this locally.  I see that you mentioned Google Chrome is being used on Android.  Just to confirm though is this on a tablet or phone? And what device model? 
Irwan Hikmah Bayu Permadi Replied
Yes Bruce, we've already clear cache our browser history here. For the upgrade system, we will think about it. Thank you for your response
Irwan Hikmah Bayu Permadi Replied
This is phone device , Lenoveo A316i. I use both Google Chrome and Default Browser of Android. Thanks Mike.

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