Alias creation on Internet Explorer 11
Problem reported by Eric Tykwinski - 10/6/2014 at 10:55 AM
Running SmarterMail Enterprise V 12.4.5364
It seems like a hard return is now replaced with a space in the GUI.  The character however seems to be okay, so it's just a display issue with IE I think.

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Michael Replied
We're seeing the same thing in the comments/resolutions pop up in the latest release of Smarter Track. Seems to be something Smarter Tools has done that affects Internet Explorer 11.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Taking a quick look at this locally, this does look to be a bug currently in SmarterMail 12.x.  I will get this added to the list of items to address in a future build.
Thanks for taking the time to point this out.
Michael Replied
Michael: The same issues exist in the comment pop up in Smarter Track 10.2.5364. FYI
User Replied
Hey Michael, thanks for pointing that out as well. I will let the SmarterTrack team know as well.

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