Problem reported by WebControl GmbH - 10/6/2014 at 8:12 AM
We are recently using SmarterMail 12.4.5364
One of our customers uses EAS in combination with Outlook 2013. He permanently gets key mismatches, so that all of his mails are being delivered to him unread once more. There seems to be no particular interval for this error.
We were not able to solve this matter so that he has cancelled his account and changed to a Hosted Exchange solution.
The logfile states the following message repeatedly:
[2014.09.01] 08:20:51 [321778748] <user>@<domain> 4086D84E37974C7497355020A4FBE806 WindowsOutlook15 v14_0
[2014.09.01] 08:20:51 [321778748] IN : Sync (1.050 bytes)
[2014.09.01] 08:20:53 [321778748] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20140831.131023.1228] Server=[20140831.131041.1229]
[2014.09.01] 08:20:53 [321778748] OUT: 200 (3.461.852 bytes, 1584 ms)

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JKK Replied
I have the same problem. I'm using mainly Outlook 2013 with EAS and from perspective of this client everything is correct. But whenever I switch to smartphone or web I do have some "again" unraded messages. Between web and smartphone there is 100% sync. But not with Outlook. It seems there the problem is with emails permanently deleted in Outlook. Not all of them, because if I try to reproduce this issue it works correctly. But every day I collect up to 10 unreaded emails which I have already readed and deleted in Outlook.
Steve Reid Replied
Just so you guys know this is not a problem in all setups, I have outlook 2013 EAS and android S5 EAS and everything is synced perfect for me...
I am using windows 8.1 64bit, what OS are you guys using?
Bruce Barnes Replied

What version of SmarterMail are you connecting to.  This can be located after logging into the webmail interface and selecting HELP ===> ABOUT SMARTERMAIL. 

Please include the complete version, IE: "SmarterMail Enterprise Edition, Version 12.4.5364"

From Microsoft (direct quote, the captions don't make sense):

Sync key mismatch error. To restart sync, disable and re-enable Server ActiveSync on the device for the particular data type that failed (for example, Calendar, Contacts, or Inbox).

This error can be reported if the device was restored from an older backup or the user's Exchange account was restored or moved to a different server.

Disable and then re-enable ActiveSync for the data types that are being synchronized by clicking on Start, ActiveSync, Tools, Options, Server
Is any of this applicable to your situation? 
Did you previously encounter a data error, either on the server, or at the Outlook installation?
Do you have connectivity issues between the workstation and SmarterMail server, IE:  Is the connection sometimes slow, or does it time out and freeze up?
Was the workstation improperly shut down - without Outlook having been properly closed, first?  This is a very common error with Mac Outlook 11 installs and requires a database backup and repair prior to any other action.
As Steve suggested, what is your operating system and workstation configuration?
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