What is the AIG filter and why is it deleting mail
Question asked by Brian Covington - 10/3/2014 at 2:33 PM
A client complained that they were not receiving an email.  Below is the relevant log that shows "(Deleted) Filter: AIG" for that particular email.  What is that?  The only standout in the logs is the BAYESIANFILTERING that failed.  I have assigned Bayesian Filtering a weight of 10 and none of the thresholds are set to delete.  10-Ignore; 20-prefix; 30-prefix.  I also checked and the client has not overwritten that.
So, I guess my questions are, what is AIG and based on the logs, why was the email deleted.  
Appreciate any help.  Thank!

[2014.10.02] 21:02:20 [15789] Spam check results: [_REVERSEDNSLOOKUP: passed], [_BAYESIANFILTERING: failed], [_COMMTOUCH: 0,Unknown], [_SPF: Pass], [_DK: None], [_DKIM: None], [BARRACUDA - BRBL: passed], [HOSTKARMA - BLACKLIST: passed], [HOSTKARMA - BROWNLIST: passed], [HOSTKARMA - WHITELIST: passed], [HOSTKARMA - YELLOWLIST: passed], [SORBS - ABUSE: passed], [SORBS - DYNAMIC IP: passed], [SORBS - PROXY: passed], [SORBS - SMTP: passed], [SORBS - SOCKS: passed], [SPAMHAUS - CBL: passed], [SPAMHAUS - CSS: passed], [SPAMHAUS - PBL: passed], [SPAMHAUS - PBL2: passed], [SPAMHAUS - SBL: passed], [SURBL - ABUSE BUSTER: passed], [SURBL - JWSPAMSPY: passed], [SURBL - MALWARE: passed], [SURBL - PHISHING: passed], [SURBL - SPAMASSASSAIN: passed], [SURBL - SPAMCOP: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 1: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 2: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 3: passed], [URIBL - BLACK: passed], [URIBL - GREY: passed], [URIBL - MULTI: passed], [URIBL - RED: passed], [VIRUS RBL - MSRBL: passed]
[2014.10.02] 21:02:22 [15789] Starting local delivery to xxxxx@xxxxx.org
[2014.10.02] 21:02:22 [15789] Skipping spam filtering: Trusted Sender (user level)
[2014.10.02] 21:02:22 [15789] Delivery for xxx@xxx.com to xxxxx@xxxxx.org has completed (Deleted) Filter: AIG

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Joe Wolf Replied
It looks to me like the user, domain, or system has a content filter named "AIG" which was triggered by the message and the action was set to Delete the message.

There is nothing in SmarterMail named "AIG" that I know of. Look for a content filter.
Brian Covington Replied
That was it exactly.  Thank you.  The client was trying to block spam and "AIG" was on the list.  Mystery solved.  Thanks again.

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