Implement Bruce's spam settings as default.
Idea shared by Steve Reid - 9/30/2014 at 5:40 AM
Under Consideration
I think it's about time the default spam settings within smartermail get an update.
Can't most or all of Bruce's spam settings be configured out of the box? Or at least an option in the wizard that implements all of them.

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Hear, hear.
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We have added this to our feature request list for further consideration and implementation in a future release.
Mr. Emmett, I would like to enthusiastically second the motion, above. =)
Easy way to implement: Make it a XML file import so anyone could create a SpamSettings.xml file for everyone to use based on what they feel works.
My Other suggestions: http://bit.ly/segoideas
Yes I had already requested importing and exporting of spam settings. I was primarily thinking of making it easier to ensure both primary and secondary MXs had the same spam settings.
Very Good
This is one of those things that could save mail administrators (slaves to the machines) literally thousands of hours - both in managing the settings and in the research and cleanup of things we didn't know we needed to do until something went wrong. Not to mention sleeping better. I wish I could add 5 or 10 votes to this. Thanks in advance! PS, also, please consider taking the idea a step further. Have an option for SmarterMail to "phone home" and download a baseline update automagically?
@Jeremy: hear, hear!
Jeremy:"I wish I could add 5 or 10 votes to this"
Yes, please!
Having just gone through this yesterday, it's certainly got my vote!
Note to all:  I am still in the process of fine-tuning this - especially after the major improvements made in the most recent public release of SmarterMail.
I apologize to all of those who have been so faithful in supporting me, but major health issues, still undiagnosed, are taking their toll in my strength and ability to work 20 hours per day.  Hopefully, a trip to the doctor, and possible hospitalization for a barrage of tests, will uncover the reasons for these unknown issues which have plagued me for the last three years.
I am still working to support clients (desperately needing the money to pay for healthcare and insurance costs), and the forced slow-down may actually be making me more attune to some of the antispam issues we all encounter.
Again, thank you, to each and every one of you, especially the incredible support and programming group, at SmarterTools, who have continued to allow me to work with you during these trying times.
For the most recent version of my antispam document, hopefully to be updated late next week, see:
Some of my methods might be considered "draconian" - and restricting users and domain admins from making changes is never popular, but the antispam settings work very well - especially when you ditch all of the external tools and run exclusively with the SmarterTools antispam, Greylisting, and DMARC!
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Bruce, I hope the rapid discovery and recovery of your health problem. I hope it's a simple situation, and you return to have again all the vitality of the world, not to work 20 hours but for enjoy life
To broaden this request, give us the ability to export and import spam configs directly from the web UI and perhaps consider adding this functionality to the other config areas as well

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