Signature not being applied when sending via Outlook
Question asked by Jason Mehmet - 9/29/2014 at 3:44 AM
I've created a default signature which works exactly as required when I create e-mail from the web-based interface.
When I send an e-mail from the same account via Outlook the signature is not added.
I had thought that this signature feature simply created a server-side signature that was applied to all out-bound e-mails, is this not the case? Is there a way to apply this signature to all out-bound e-mails so as to avoid creating individual signatures within Outlook for all users?
Many Thanks

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Employee Replied
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Hello Jason,
Thanks for the inquiry. You are correct. The Signatures that are created within SmarterMail will only appear / apply for the web interface emails. Outlook and other email clients have their own signature fields and configurations. At this time there is not a way to apply the signatures to the emails externally.
Steve Reid Replied
How can you say "You are correct"? Did you even read his question? His statement about how he thought Smartermail worked was in fact not correct at all.
Gary Hanley Replied
Is this ever going to be implemented - I have a client comparing Smartermail to Exchange.

This is possible in exchange.

He wants to keep his signature the same on all devices iPhone, iPad, Android, PC etc...

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