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Problem reported by Adrian Pope - 9/25/2014 at 10:36 AM
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Due to an increase in the amount of spam we are receiving I went to enable greylisting.  From the Security>Greylisting I enabled greylisting for everyone.
 It has been a few days now and I went to view the grey list report and it appears the grey list is not gathering any stats (allowed connections, delayed connections, etc) so I am assuming that even though I enabled greylisting... it is not actually running.  Does anyone know why this would happen (I did restart all services after enabling greylistings)?

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Severin Kreuzmayr Replied
Make sure you have disabled the Greylist Weight Threshold under
Security -> Antispam -> SMTP Blocking
Adrian Pope Replied
That was it. Thanks for the suggestion.
Frank Miller Replied
It doesn't work, I disabled Greylist Weight Threshold but there is no any stats. It seems greylisting doesn't work in v.13
Frank Miller Replied
It started working, after SmarterMail restart we have a greylisting stats.
Steve Reid Replied
Perhaps a note needs to be included saying a Smartermail Service restart is required?
Bruce Barnes Replied
You should also minimize your greylisting block time.
A block of 1 minute seems to work as effectively as the default of 15 minutes.
Here are the Greylisting settings we use - as stated in my antispam document:
ChicagoNetTech's Greylisting Settings
ChicagoNetTech's Greylisting Settings
Do NOT allow users to override greylisting.  It will only overload your help desk and give you grey hair trying to troubleshoot
PS:  I should have a revised version of my antispam document available within the next two weeks.
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