Domain Level: How to block main coming from a particular IP
Question asked by Sarah Weinberger - 9/23/2014 at 2:43 PM
Re. SmarterMail @ domain level
How do I block communication / emails / anything from IP addresses?
I checked the mail logs, and one of my domains is being hit from several servers repeatedly.
I do see the domain content filtering. I have the option to add IP addresses and delete the message, however that seems to me to still allow communication with the server and authenticate the message, just the system deletes the message. My idea is no communication allowed from that server period. SmarterMail sees communication with the EHLO line and shuts down communication on the next line with no reason why, just connection closed.

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Scarab Replied
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If you are wanting to block an IP Address or an IP Range, you would go to SECURITY > BLACKLIST to enter addresses you want blocked. Smartermail will not respond to these IP Addresses (and as of version 12 will log that an attempted connection was made).
If you want to block an Email Address, Domain, or EHLO you would go to SECURITY > ADVANCED SETTINGS > SMTP BLOCKING. You can either enter the specific address, domain, or EHLO in the "Blocked Address" field. You can use wildcards in the "Blocked Address" field giving you the ability to block common email address contents (i.e., *.in to block all domains using the India .tld). Smartermail will give a "Sender Not Allowed" response once the EHLO or Message From is received from the connecting server, and then hang up the connection.

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