Multiple log files with same name
Problem reported by Colin M - 9/17/2014 at 10:35 AM
SmarterStats doe not appear to handle multiple log files with the same name well.. I used FTP to copy files from two servers that load-balance the same site so the file names were the same. I put the files in separate sub-directories and pointed SmarterStats to the same parent directory. In the "Log Import Status" page it shows 3 files, not 6 like there should be.. I'm not even sure if it is even processing all of the files in this case.

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Employee Replied
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Within the Site Settings (Settings -> Status -> Log Import Status) you will find the status of all imported logs.  This will provide you with the file names as well as the status of importing and date information.  In a case such as yours, the file name should reference the individual folder where the file is located.  SmarterStats has the ability to handle load balanced sites with a setup such as yours.  If you notice that either the files aren't being imported properly or the data doesn't look to be correct, a support ticket would be needed though for our support team to take a further look.
Colin M Replied
There is definitely a bug as I had 6 files (3 in each folder) and the Log Import Status page was only showing three. Maybe it did import all 6, but it still displayed only three. Will not bother using a support ticket to report a bug that I reported already via "Community".

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