Sync spam settings across multiple SM servers
Idea shared by Steve Reid - 9/17/2014 at 8:40 AM
We really need a way to sync spam settings across servers.
Maybe an export and import function?
Something needs to be done so that when we change settings on the main install and it propagates down to any backup mx or gateway servers.

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Great idea!
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Thank you, Steve, Robbie, and Bruce, for the suggestion and for all the up votes.  I have moved this into our feature request list for future implementation in a major build.
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After further review with the dev. team, we recognize the significant value of including this suggestion into a future major release of SmarterMail.  We discussed the idea of an export/import option, but ideally we would like to implement the feature so it does propagate down from a main install to any specified backup mx or gateway servers.  I am changing the status to Planned.
Awesome new Robert. I yes, I would much prefer the auto-sync of the rules from the main server down to the backup mx or other inbound/outbound gateways.
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Hi guys,
Thanks for the suggestion! Similar functionality was implemented in SmarterMail 15.x. Check out its announcement from the New Features in SmarterMail page:
For enterprise organizations, Web hosts or ISPs -- or any business, really -- that manage multiple mail server installations, keeping spam settings consistent across those servers has its challenges. SmarterMail 15.x makes it easy to use the same set of antispam rules for all of the mail servers across your organization.

This is because all global spam settings are now contained in a single XML file. That means you can configure a solid set of antispam rules on one server, then easily move those settings over to any additional SmarterMail servers you have running simply by copying over your antispam XML. As an added bonus, email administrators can even work together to create and share their antispam XML files files, combining their experience and understanding to create the most reliable settings available. Those files can then be easily uploaded to any SmarterMail server, right from the Web interface!
In addition, SmarterMail 16.x has an entirely new architecture that is 100% API-driven! That means that EVERY aspect of SmarterMail, moving forward, will be exposed via web service calls, allowing companies to build upon our platform however they want. Anything will be possible, including the ability to monitor all servers and push spam configurations amongst those servers.
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