Problems reinstalling SmarterMail
Question asked by Peter Snabe - 1/27/2014 at 10:37 PM

I uninstalled my SmarterMail program and deleted the site/Application Pool at IIS and the folder at program files - I when tried to install the program again. But when I click "Begin Setup" I get this error: https://files.secureserver.net/0sQQi0hwFqdNyU (screen shot). Any idea how I fix it?

Eventhough I uninstall the program it seems that it still have some settings saved at the computer. Where are they located?

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When uninstalling SmarterMail this will just remove the program files but not any data or configuration.  If you want to do a full uninstall please follow the steps in this knowledge base article: http://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2651/completely-uninstall-smartermail
Peter Snabe Replied
Tried uninstalling it again - using the information for completely unistalling - but I still get the error when I have installed it again 
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Have you tried setting it up in IIS?  If so do you receive the same error?
Bruce Barnes Replied
Your graphic indicates that you are receiving this error under the built-in SmarterMail web server.
I have a couple of questions:
  1. Have you got IIS setup?
  2. What version of server operating system are you running?
  3. Have you tried to close the window, wait a few minutes for the system to "settle down" and for SmarterMail services to completely load, and then re-open the window?
We've encountered both this error and  situation many times, and based on our experience with both our hosted clients and the clients for whom we maintain SmarterMail other SmarterTools systems, have found that whenever this situation presents itself it is best to follow the following protocol:
  1. Uninstall the current version of the product;
  2. REBOOT the server - to unlock any locked files or services;
  3. Install the current version again;
  4. Close any windows and pop-ups which might open;
  5. DISABLE the SmarterMail WEB SERVER - it is designed only to setup SmarterMail the first time and is not designed to be used in an operating environment;
  6. REBOOT the server on which SmarterMail is installed, again, to unlock any files or processes which may have locked up as part of the installation process or were locked up by another service or program on the server.
These steps will resolve almost every instance of this kind of error.
Finally, please keep in mind that you should be upgrading to SmarterMail 11.7.5136 as it contains a very important security patch which resolves an XSS vulnerability. 
A patch for the same XSS vulnerability was also released for the SmarterMail BETA in version 12.0.5136
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