unable to add IP restriction to sysadmin
Problem reported by Robbie Wright - 9/11/2014 at 12:20 PM
steps to recreate:
create new system admin, give them a username and password and hit save. 
looking at the list of sys admins, edit your new user.
select the user and then select login access. 
you're taken back to the change password screen and are being required to enter the old password.
enter the current password and then try to add an IP. dialog box pops up to enter IP, click save, dialog box disappears but there is no enter for the IP you just tried to add.
running 12.3.5318

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Jonathon Kingsbury Replied
Confirmed on my end... I can only add IP Restrictions to other administrators, but not the primary admin..
Severin Kreuzmayr Replied
It works, but I can confirm some kinks, too:
- the focus is on the password page even thought the IP page is selected after adding the IP (however, for me it always added the IP)
- IP can be delete without entering old password (hit cancel after delete)
Robbie Wright Replied
Severin, what browser are you using?
Severin Kreuzmayr Replied
Tried on IE10, IE11 and FF32

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