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Idea shared by Scott Howell - 9/10/2014 at 9:24 PM
When using Domain Aliases there is no way to set the default alias to send from. When replying it defaults to the alias the message was received on, but when composing new message you have to manually change the from address every message.

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You would setup your account as the default email address to begin with...
Where? You can set your default reply address in your account settings, but I just tested this and it didn't have any effect on what the . It still showed the message coming from the default domain name.
I actually meant that whatever is desired to be the default domain should be the one added in smartermail originally. In other words I do not believe there is a setting to change this. However I do believe this would add value to Smartermail so I like the Idea.
OK, making sure I didn't miss something. The issue with this client is they have several divisions. Most employees only belong to one division or another. However, the back office employees have to be able to send from any domain. I could have set the domains up separately, but it would have required the back office employees to have 5 different tabs open, not to mention the administrative headache.

I had created a JS script that based on the URL they logged in with it would switch the from address automatically, but it broke a few minor versions back. It still "kinda" works, meaning the from address changes, but it doesn't trigger the callback to change the signature.
I also like the idea (and voted for it) of be able to set the default email "From" available from Domain Aliases.

One more option is to restrict by user the Domain Aliases that they can sen emails through.
Hi team, we would also like this feature: to be able to select which domain alias to use as the default, on a per user basis.  It does not seem a difficult feature, but very useful.
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
In version 16.x, we added two user account settings that will assist with these requests: 

  • Default From Address - You can choose the email address that you reply from by default for messages sent through webmail. Your SmarterMail email address and any domain aliases or SMTP accounts configured for your account will be shown in this list. (This setting does not prevent you from manually changing the Send From address when composing a message.)
  • Use To: address for replies - When enabled, replying to a message via webmail will use that email's To: field as the Send From address of your reply, regardless of whether the message was sent to your SmarterMail email address or a domain alias, email alias, SMTP account, disposable address or plus address. For example, if an email is sent an alias you are part of, replies to that email via webmail will automatically use the email alias address as your Send From address. (This setting does not prevent you from manually changing the Send From address when composing a message.)

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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