Authenticated SMTP Outbound Mail should show in sent
Idea shared by Scott Howell - 9/10/2014 at 9:19 PM
Just as the title suggests : If a user sends a message from Outlook and authenticates via SM the message should show in the sent items of webmail for that user.
Also, it would be nice since the message is going through SM if it could even pick up the signature settings. This would allow for branding regardless of the device used. I have used many signature managers for Exchage (CodeTwo etc.) that worked in this fashion. The sig just gets attached on the SMTP sink on the outbound connection.

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In general if you were using IMAP you would get the results you desire, but not using POP.
Thanks, -Joe
You will only see this happen if the client you are using supports it.

For office 2003 you get nothing in the sent via IMAP
This is all true, but there are many times where this is not possible. On many of my installs the client will have a CRM or other software that sends emails on the users behalf. When email is sent from these external applications it would be nice if the users could see them in their sent items. If the message is passing through via SMTP already it seems pretty simple to just drop it in their sent items.

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