Automating Signature Creation
Question asked by Jim Backstrom - 9/10/2014 at 1:07 PM
Has anyone been able to automate the process of signature creation? I know you can create domain signatures but due to my circumstances this is not an option. I have multiple domain aliases (several divisions), and there are multiple offices. Generally speaking I can use the merge fields, but this requires the user to fill out their profile. Also, they have to create a different signature with a different logo for each alias. To ask each user to go in and do this, and/or have an admin do it is just too much for every new user to do.
I with a lot of help from another user created an elegant javascript solution for this a while back to trigger automatically changing "from" drop down, but this doesn't work anymore since a few minor versions back. Although it still required entering the profile information manually.
So, I am familiar with Web Services, but the WSDL does not allow for entering the profile info nor the signature (although it is a documented option). I have confirmed with ST that it is not yet implemented. I don't understand why you can't put in profile information using the WSDL, it's not even an option. I am going to suggest is as this is fairly basic. You can set nearly every option on an account including plus addressing etc., but you can't set a title, phone number and address??
The only other idea I had was to manually edit the config file itself. This is not only trickier, but could break the config file and cause problems. More importantly a major version upgrade could change the format so the solution no longer works.
The signature functionality has been a real pain in the neck from the beginning for me. If you only have one domain I guess it's OK, but it still requires manual entry into the profile. It seems every attempt I make to automate this process ends in hitting a brick wall.
I am open to any suggestions on how to make this process easier for myself and my users. Currently using the templates the users signature look less professional than having nothing. I have had to allow them to override the domain policy to create their own and they are getting even less professional now.

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