More design changes, because I keep getting confused.
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - 9/6/2014 at 6:05 PM
I'm a very logical person and when things don't make any sense, I get confused. 
Creating a Thread: 
Currently,  we have 3 options.. 
  • Propose an Idea
  • Ask a Question
  • Report a Problem
Now, I agree the 2 of the above 3 categories should have a voting system. I'm not sure why anyone would vote on asking a question.  Anyway,  I was looking through the important issues on this ticket tracking system by votes, to add my logic to those important issues. 
Then I come across this post that's important enough to be on the first page. 
This user just makes a general comment, about how he likes the improvements so far that he sees. Then 3 people vote up his comment, I guess that means they like the improvement also. 
Now I'm trying to go over important issues and I see this post. Why is this allowed to be voted up? It makes no sense. 
So to rectify it, I think there needs to be a 4th category when creating a thread called
  • General Comment
And anything created with category shouldn't have a voting system to it, along with "Ask a Question" then it can have a like system which is fine. Then people can make comments, post tutorials, discuss changes in RFCs, etc. Things that shouldn't be part of a voting system. 
Votes in my mind are for Ideas and Bugs, in a tracking system to determine which should be addressed,  nothing to do with asking questions or making general comments. 
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