How do I get outgoing mail server settings for my iphone
Question asked by Kerrie Plowman - 9/6/2014 at 1:12 AM
I can get my emails from my smartermail account but I cannot reply to any of them when I try to I get the message it has been rejected by server therefore on my Ipnone I cannot reply to any of my emails!  Please can you rectify this for me or let me know what I need to do to sort this?  When I bought my Iphone they said I need my outgoing mail server settings for Iphone 4s, how do I get these?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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Your iPhone settings are based on the types of accounts offered by your hosting company.  Most offer POP/SMTP and IMAP.  Some also offer Exchange / EWS, but frequently charge an additional fee to use those kinds of accounts because of additional licensing costs involved.
While POP/SMTP tends to be one of the more frequent types of accounts, POP/SMTP can be confusing when the same account is accessed via multiple devices because POP, unless the feature is overridden during the device configuration, automatically deletes messages from the mail server and, if you check from other devices (desktop, etc), you may be disappointed to find your messages have been deleted after you "read" then on your iPhone.
IMAP offers a lot more flexibility in that it leaves the messages on the mail server, making them accessible from multiple devices (desktop clients, web interfaces, iPhones, etc.)
If you want to try to setup IMAP, you can configure a new e-mail account on your iPhone, select IMAP as the type, and, depending on whether or not your provider has setup something called "autodiscover," your iPhone may automatically configure itself - based on the autodiscover settings.
If that doesn't work, you'll have to contact your e-mail provider to get the specifics for your account.
If you have someone like Gmail, Comcast, YAHOO!, or one of the other large providers, you may also be able to Google their POP and/or IMAP settings for your iPhone.
Good luck, and please let us know how you faire with your new iPhone setup.
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Steve Reid Replied
If you are not the Administrator of your smartermail server then you need to contact your provider to find out these settings.
Hany Sobhy Replied
On iPhone 6s, I had to re-enter the username and password for the Outgoing server "optional" settings again and marked the Password method in Authentication for the server settings. otherwise I kept receiving < rsp: 550 Authentication is required for relay >

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