Spool/Incoming failed: some messages do not become tickets, but others do
Problem reported by Aleyant - September 4, 2014 at 8:22 PM
We are using both SmarterMail and SmarterTrack.
SmarterMail has a nice way to track potential internal spammers; if a smartermail user sends more than 10 messages in 10 minutes (the numbers are configurable) then Smartermail can send the administrator an "Auto spam notification" warning. We have this configured and it works very well.
Now we would like to funnel these Auto spam notifications into a SmarterTrack department. We have Smartertrack configured to pick up messages from a specific mailbox. We know for a fact it is successfully picking up the messages: they disappear from the mailbox.
If the message that SmarterTrack picks up was sent by a human, it DOES become a ticket.
If it is one of the "Auto spam notification" messages, it DOES NOT become a ticket. 
The Incoming Spool retains this message and it is marked "FAILED". There is no indication why it is failed.
I have looked in the Logs folder. I do not see any explanation why the message is FAILED.
Thanks for listening.

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Aleyant Replied
Could it be that the "Auto spam notification" messages are sent with "From: System Administrator" and not a real email address?
Scott Crossen Replied
Did you ever solve this problem?   I'm having the same issue

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