Performance issues and poor smartertools support
Problem reported by Alejandro Rios - 9/3/2014 at 11:46 AM
Not A Problem
We are experiencing performance issues since last Wednesday, 8 days ago August 27, we report the problem (Ticket) on friday and today 6 days after the ticket report we don't hay any support, only ask me to fill an authorization form, but really support NOTHING.
Do We have to pay for premium support??? to have smartertools attention.
We are a very loyal customer for 10 years using mail, stats and ticket system.
So sad, we are thinking in moving to another mail software SM is pretty good but support sucks!!!

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Henry Timmes Replied
I feel bad for you so, so I voted this up, to get more attention.
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Colin M Replied
I am with you on the having to pay for support tickets structure being frustrating.. That said, "experiencing performance issues" is extremely vague and I don't know how anyone could help without saying either "upgrade your hardware" or "let me access the remote desktop". So if you don't think "upgrade your hardware" is the solution then why don't you fill out the authorization form and let them have a look? Sounds like you're not really playing ball..
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Your summary of the issue is incorrect, so allow me to retort:
Your ticket was submitted on Friday night at 7:41 p.m. well after our business hours. In that ticket, you said you'd been experiencing the issues for 5 days. Monday was a holiday, so our offices were closed as detailed in the KB article about our holidays. Once we were back in the office on Tuesday morning, the agent replied to your issue within 30 minutes, where he asked for remote access. Your reply to his request was after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, and in that reply and in the RSAA you provided incorrect information. This morning the agent replied to you again within 30 minutes of us coming into the office and he was consistent in his replies and inquiries throughout the morning. After he was eventually able to log into the server he found what appeared to be a compromised account. He then provided an explanation of how to negate the issue, to which you replied he was wrong. However, your solution was to suspend the very same user we recognized as being compromised, at which point your server started acting normally again. Further diagnosis by another agent demonstrated disk i/o issues, to which we provided proof via perfmon statistics.
I would say we provided excellent support to you, offering suggestions on how to fix the problems. It's your choice whether to follow our suggestions or continue questioning the course of action we recommend. Considering all of this, I fail to see how we didn't provide any support beyond asking for remote access.
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This rarely happens though. we get support pretty fast usually. Could they have missed out your ticket? No harm giving their office a call I guess.
Steve Reid Replied
I think the only solution would be for you to move to a hosted smartermail managed by a provider that is an actual Mailserver Administrator.
Running a mailserver can be a daunting task that is definitely not for the everyday Joe.
Also such basic things as comprimised account should be discovered and taken care of by the Smartermail Administrator. Such issues should not need a support ticket.
The first most basic thing is your Smartermail logs. Which I am sure if you checked would have provided all the clues necessary to figure out the problem.
Also to stop your server from sending email via a compromised account you can use Declude with the Hijack plugin.

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