The Incoming Gateway Server
Question asked by Merle Wait - 5/1/2015 at 4:14 AM
Just trying to understand a couple of things:
-Just to keep this simple -
a.) Have a gateway server  = gt.MyDomain.com
   --> Using webservices <---
b.) Have the  "real " SM server =  real.MyDomain.com
If the real Sm Server is down or unavailable.... how does the gt.MyDomain.com  server "know" which email addresses are real, and which are not (since the  "real" server is off-line).    Does the gateway (gt.MyDomain.com)  - keep a cached version of legit users???   How does it know??
Second question:
Whitelist.   Does the "gateway" server  know anything about whitelist - or approved emails?
If so, and the "real" SM server is down, what does it do.

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CCWH Replied
The incoming gateway server knows nothing of domains or whitelists/approved mail that resides on the primary mail server unless you manually add them (Domains tab within incoming gateway).  It simply passes all mail unless you have specifically added any incoming spam config too.  The only time the domains and config are shared is in a Failover configuration.
If you have specified domains it does try to confirm that the email address resides on the primary server, however if it cannot connect to the server it will hold the mail until such a time that the primary mail server comes back online for checking and delivery.  That's how I see it anyway.
Merle Wait Replied
mmm thinking with WebServices turned on it does know...
Only reason I say that.. is SM folks fixed a bug where the gateway was returning email in error, saying ** No Such User*** , when in-fact there was. They fixed that... so that leads to the question(s) above.
CCWH Replied
Interesting, I read it as it would only check for the mail address existence if the domains are specified.
Steve Reid Replied
As I understand it Smartermail caches the usernames so it still responds properly when the primary is down.
There was problems that have since been fixed and this should be working perfectly now.

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