Smarterstats FTP log download not removing downloaded zip files
Question asked by Deepa K - 9/3/2014 at 2:13 AM
Hi All

We are running Smartersats 8.5 ENt edition
As per release notes ftp downloaded log fiels shall be removed after a day however we still have older ftp downlodaed logs( zip files) in weblogs_FTP older than a day


Can we some KB or document whats being missed in settings ?
or any log to be checked ?


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Deepa K Replied
Hi all
anyone facing same issues ?
I also checked  NTFS permissions on folders and didn't find anything unusual
if we donwload flat access logs via FTP , those get removed by smarterstats, however access logs in zip formats ware still lying  as it is in weblogs_ftp

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