Message Archive Search kinda broken
Problem reported by Brian Ellwood - 4/28/2015 at 9:19 AM
Even since we upgraded to 10.x whenever we search for something in the archive (as the top level admin), we do see it goes to 100% and the number of items found, but the content area below is blank.
The only way to get the messages to show up is to click "Download" which triggers a refresh after the error "No items selected" is thrown and then shows the items found.
The last item in the results (if there are more results than can fit on a page) is obscured just far enough below the fold that even with the scroll bar, it cannot be selected or double clicked.
I just updated from 11.x to 13.3 today, did the uninstall, reboot, install and the issue still persists.
Has anyone else had/have this issue?

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W. T. Leaver Replied
I've seen this for several versions. Still a problem for me in 14.0.5647 (I was just looking for something in my archive and running into this, at which point I started searching to see if others were having this particular problem.)

I did not know of the Download button workaround, so thanks for that. That at least helps greatly to allow me access to the underlying data when it will not show with just a search.
Brian Ellwood Replied
Troy: glad the workaround helps you out... I haven't wanted to burn a ticket on it (I know bug related tickets get refunded) but good to know I'm not the only one out there

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