System Events based on Organization Custom Field not working
Question asked by Jon Larson - April 27, 2015 at 7:05 AM
I have set up a multiple Ticket Creation events that have conditions based on a custom field that used to sort tickets in to various groups based on that custom field.  However, the event is no triggering.  Is there something I am missing on this, or does this not work like I am thinking it does?
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I'm also experiencing an event not firing and I'm 100% positive it's set up correctly. They'll likely tell you to check the event logs to see if you notice anything abnormal (MRS > App Data).
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Organization Custom Fields are fields only for the Users and are not related to Tickets. The Create Ticket event (and other events) should not contain the condition for any Organization Custom Fields and has been added to the bugs list to fix. You should be able to use this event on Custom Fields that are related to the Ticket's Template found in SystemSettings -> Custom Fields -> Templates to help get them to their final destination however.
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