Is there a way to change the primary administrator from one user to another in SmarterMail?
Question asked by RickS - 4/23/2015 at 11:33 AM
We need to change the existing Primary Administrator to a different user and can't see where that can be done via the GUI. It would seem that, at one time, this was possible (at least it was 10 years and many versions ago!) as a search on Google for "change primary administrator Smartermail" yields an old posting from Newtek (fka CrystalTech).
We know that we can assign another user to be a Domain Administrator, but, if it's not possible to assign the role to a different user, then what we really need to do is to change the Primary Administrator username and login credentials. It would appear that we'll need to change the username so that the email address associated with the account is changed as well (for the login credentials).
We also found an article "Rename a User in SmarterMail" in this portal, but it requires stopping the SmarterMail service, and we've literally hundreds of domains that need to be updated. Long story short is that we've been using Plesk to manage the creation of domains and users in SmarterMail, and it has assigned an alphanumeric value for the Primary Administrator. We're now separating the relationship and we want to update this account with something relevant for our users.
Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.

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Rick, as a system admin, you can edit the domain then under the Options tab | Domain Administrator, you can change the domain administrator to either an existing user, or create a new user.  This method does not require you to restart the service but does require system admin privileges.
EDIT: you can also use the Web service, svcDomainAdmin, and use SetPrimaryDomainAdmin to change the domain admins.  This would allow you to write a quick program to "automate" the process of changing all of your domain admins.
alan fendrich Replied
We have only one domain on our Smartermail V16. I do not see where there is an option to edit the domain, then Options |Domain administrator
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Alan, make sure that you are logged in as the system admin. Select Manage in the left menu, then click on the domain from the list. In the next window should be a field in the Options card to change the domain admin.

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