Migrated and Upgraded: Missing All Domain Settings
Question asked by Martin Eising - April 22, 2015 at 8:40 AM
We were using SmarterMail 7 on a VPS. I have migrated over all data to a new VPS and am using SmarterMail 12 now.
Everything seems fine except for one domain. When I try to "Manage" that particular domain there are no "Domain Settings" at all (as a result there are no Users).
Has anyone seen anything similar? Thanks!

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The file structure was changed between those versions.
Easiest thing to do would be to upgrade the v7 install to 12, that will properly convert the files to the new layout.
There is also a utility around that will convert it.
Good to hear you resolved your issue, seems I was providing irrelevant info anyways!

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